Hurry Up Masculines, Your Feminines are getting Restless!

Hello Beautiful Souls, Happy Friday.

This week’s reading will be directed to the masculines around their fiercely fabulous divine feminines. This is more of a wake up call for those masculines who are not in communication with their divine counterparts.

Time is a-ticking masculines. The feminines are fed up and ready to bolt. They have had enough waiting around for you to get your shit together, figuring out your feelings and working through your issues.

The feminines have had a lot of time on their hands to do their work, they have had years in some cases with no physical interaction with another because they felt as if they would be cheating on their masculines.

They used their time to cleanse their bodies of toxic energies that had been picked up through romantic encounters with their karmic and so forth. The feminines have spent years working through their wounds, emotions, traumas, insecurities, some of which the you, their beloveds have caused.

There is a huge burning desire to be close to someone once more, to be seen and heard, to feel desired and admired by another, to feel the touch of another body close to theirs, to be kissed and worshiped as they should. The feminines are rising to their own worth and are really ready to call it a day, they are fed up of the one sidedness of the connection at this time. They wonder how the masculines could just walk away. They wonder if their masculines feel remorse, guilt, heartache, do they long for them as the feminines had longed for their masculines. They no longer want to feel taken advantage of, they realize that they have been settling for peanuts and are really over it. It’s not to say that the feminines have stopped loving their counterparts, because that’s far from the truth, it’s just that they have learned to love themselves more.

The sexual energy at this time is through the roof not only for the feminines but I feel this is representative of the masculines as well. Many of them who are still in karmic situations are not intimate with them at all, just as many of the feminines still in karmic situations are no longer intimate with their partners. That is not to say that each twin is not taking matters in to their own hands, because they are, it is really the only way to deal with the rush of energy.

Remember that this surge of energy is deliberate universally to help create the energy needed for manifestation. So ladies and gents use your orgasm for the betterment of humanity, of not just your own personal situation but for the rise of the planet.

Above Is a picture of my little fur baby Morris helping me pull some cards from the tarot of sexual magic. The three cards which are the knight of chalice, the magician and the ace of swords, which really validate the above channelled messages.

Below I wanted to add a wonderful video by Divine Symmetry 1-8-4-7 around why the runner does run, which in most cases is the masculine energy, So I hight recommend checking it out.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, take time to nurture and pamper yourself.

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