Twin Flame Collective Reading “Sexual Healing”

Hello Beautiful Souls Happy Friday 

I was guided while sitting outside in my garden to pull a card from the Tarot of sexual magic. 

The card that came was “The wheel” This can be a very triggering card for some. This is about reflection, growth, sexuality, getting comfortable with who you are as a woman and a soul.


I feel that a lot of feminines are going through this very empowering phase in life. They are doing the inner work to heal any wounding and traumas around their body, sexuality, pleasure, self-worth and self-love.
This is happening in various forms, some are going bold and doing boudoir shoots, some are taking time to get comfortable and vulnerable with their bodies via self-pleasure, walking around nude, seeing themselves in the mirror, and using affirmations to connect with themselves.

The feminines are learning to take care of their needs, wants, and desires, going after what makes their hearts sing, what brings them joy, and gives them a sense of purpose.

There are many that have struggled to even share their thoughts, feelings and opinions and this is all changing, where once they would have stayed quiet and passive, they are standing up and speaking out in all areas of their lives, no longer allowing anyone to silence them.

This may be triggering the masculines, as they worry that the feminines will move on and not love them anymore. Dear masculines this is not the case, your feminines are helping you to find your inner warrior once more, triggering you to go deeper, to connect with your heart, to stand up and speak out where maybe you haven’t been doing that. 

In time there will be union and you will both be more grounded in who you are as individuals and the connection to each other will be more honest, authentic, and potent. Your divine purpose is leading the way.

I had previously posted the top portion of this reading on social media but was guided to keep going with the messages. I came back and sat in the garden once more and asked what the masculines would like the feminines to know at this time and three more cards came out, The queen of swords, Knaves of pentacles and the Chalice 

The guidance I am getting is that this is how the masculines see up, confident, secure and supremely in out intuitive and psychic element. The feel like they are not worthy of their feminines, as some of the masculines are not at the same level ( YET). With all the movement and growth the feminines are doing they are worried that someone else will come in and sweep them off their feet, offering them everything they think they do not have to offer. 

The feminines that are awake to their psychic and telepathic gifts are aware of how the masculines are feeling and continue to offer them their love in various ways, emails, songs, prayers, healing energy and for those that are in communication, they are able to physically articulate what the masculines mean to them. 

Masculines, notice that the candle still burns for you, so release any fears you have around not being wanted or desired any longer by the feminines. 

The masculine are having a tough time really connecting to their heart space, there is so much they want to and need to express, but alas they are still bound by so much insecurity and fear. They are receiving the little messages and nudged that the feminines are sending out on the wire, they just do not know how to come forward after such a long separation and silence. 

The masculines have a deep desire to be healed and embraced by the feminines, to feel them pressed up against them, to smell their sent to feel their heart beating and to show them how much they do love and care for them. 

As mentioned in the previous portion of the reading, the sexual energy that the twin flames are feeling is out of this world, for the masculines they have not experienced this level of intense need before, as are the feminine’s. The urges literally coming out of left field while they are other wise engaged in mundane activities. 

The song I heard while channeling this messages was Marvin Gayes “Sexual healing” and I feel its not so much about the full song as it is the healing that will come once the twin flames are reunited and able to help one another over come any fears and insecurities around their sexual adequacies. I feel the masculines have been belittled and ridiculed in the past about their performance, but really it was the people they were with. 

For a lot of feminines they have chosen to stay celibate and honour their bodies and yoni space but not allowing toxic energy to enter them. They have however learned to appreciate and understand their bodies by self pleasure, learning how to please themselves, so when union occurs they will be able to articulate exactly what they want and like.


The last card here is the Chalice, and the message I got was that this is what the masculines are wanting to do, WALK away from the karmic, from the toxicity, from the belittling behaviour. The karmic how ever will try to do what ever they can to tempt them into staying with them, but I feel it’s the end of the road for some of them. As the masculines do their inner work and healing they are seeing the patterns and the games that are being played. 

So dear feminines keep holding that space, sending that healing energy, dripping those little messages to your masculine when you are guided, they are receiving all of it and are grateful. 

My hope is that each one of you that reads this channelling finds something that resonates with you. To book a personal reading, Twin flame ore other wise please email me at or throughs the website here 

I have decided to add my beautiful friend Divine Symmetrey 1-8-4-7 latest video as an added bonus

I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend and many blessings.

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