Messages and Manifestations.

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm, healthy and grounded at this time. I do apologize for the lack of readings on my page, but between getting things ready and having clients I have not had enough time to get content onto the blog. I hope to do more lives and blogs as social media platforms are making things a little more tricky for small businesses and content such as mine.

I am really excited and honoured to share that I will be working out of Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa in the near future. I will be offering one on one spiritual counselling sessions which will incorporate the use of oracle cards, tarot and intuitive messages, art therapy, and other modalities. I will also be offering readings and reiki healings. Below you can see a few sneak peaks of the space. I just want to add that this opportunity has been years in the making, through manifestation, hard work and a lot of patience I am now part of a place I have loved from the beginning

The cards I was guided to use today was the Psychic Medium John Holland Psychic tarot deck. I love his cards. They are gentle yet so accurate.

Three card literally jumped out of the deck, I feel these messages really wanted to and need to be heard.

I am actually guided to read as a whole because they play off one another so effortlessly Third eye Chakra, Universe and Trapped in Fear. I am also guided to read from right to left. Trapped in Fear, what are we holding ourselves back from, internal wounds are keeping us real hostages from going after what we really want. Yes, globally we are also being bombarded with fear mongering and conflicting messages, but the universe wants us to look deeper at the situations at hand. To tap into your own intuition and inner knowingness to see what is real and what is not.

Fear is a lower vibration, it keeps us from pursuing our true soul calling and purpose. Hence why we need to keep our focus off the news and onto something that feeds our soul’s need. We are in dire need of connection, love, laughter, pleasure, support and communication. Find ways to connect with another person, watch something funny, meditate and raise your frequency.

The best thing you can do is turn off the negative shows / movies / news, and even music, and put on things that will lift you up. Create something. Pull out some crayons and paper and just draw, doodle or paint. Your inner child needs that nurturing and artist outlet. It will also help to process and clear those emotions and fears. Take one step at a time in releasing the belief that you are stuck. You are not stuck, you can take back control of your life if you really want. Call on the universe to provide the guidance you are seeking, meditate and connect to the universal language and frequency, which is love.

Allow yourself to feel with all that you are, open that heart chakra back up, feel the love and compassion flow through you. Remember your divine purpose here is not to be fearful, to be stuck in darkness, to be alone, its to shine your light and love on to this world in whatever way you are being called to.

Messages for those on the Twin Flame Journey.

I do feel that the masculines are very fearful, they are trapped in their own minds too much, worried they have blown things with the feminines, stuck in old thought patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving them and feeling trapped by circumstances. I sense that a lot of masculines that are not in contact with the feminines desperately want to connect with them, but again they know they have hurt them and are afraid of being rejected. Also because of conditioning and abusive behaviour that they may have experienced at the hands of the karmic or those close to them, they doubt their own intuition, feelings and even 5d communication.

Dear masculines know that your feminines do want to connect with you, they do forgive you, they hold nothing against you, the love is unconditional and their support is with you now. Trust the messages, signs and guidance you are receiving, OPEN UP your third eye chakra and your throat chakra, my dear souls it’s time.

TRUST THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK. ALLOW IT TO PROVIDE FOR YOU ALL THAT YOU DESIRE, GIVE THANKS AND BE READY to receive the messages, healing and abundance that is rightfully yours.

Many blessings my dear Beautiful Souls,

I will still be offering my services out side of the shop as well, ie zoom/google chat, video and email readings. So feel free to contact me using the form below.

I will be back this week with a few new blogs, a twin flame reading and a Spot light on Infinite Serenity and the AMAZING practitioners , Owner and manager.

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