Divine Masculines, “Doin Alright”or Not

Hello Beautiful souls,

I hope you are all doing well. I had yet another song sync today, this one was a bit strange at first because the lyrics were a bit contradictory but, while I was having a sea salt bath the messages became clear. The song sync was Queens’s “Doin alright”, bellow I added the lyrics which I found on Azlyrics


Doin’ Alright

(Writer(s): May Brian Harold, Staffell Timothy John )
Yesterday my life was in ruin

Now today I know what I’m doin’

Gotta feelin’ I should be doin’ alright

Doin’ alright

Where will I be this time tommorow

Jumping with joy or sinking in sorrow

Anyway I should be doin’ alright

Doin’ alright

Should be waiting for the sun

Anyway I’ve got to hide

Going back to where the skies are blue

Going home to find the one

The thing is, they are tying so hard to make the outside world think that they are doing alright but the fact of the matter is they are not. Even though they have all the material things they every wanted they are unhappy, stressed out, anxiety ridden, because everything is not how it seems. Material needs are not fullfilling to them any more , the need for more depth, and clairty, to understand whats going on, why they feel the way they feel, to make sense of the sensations and messages coming forth. Its a lot for the masculines as they have no one to help them through this, thanks impart to the karmics, as they have made it impossible fo the masculine to reach out to anyone that could offer guidance and support. Unlike like the feminines whom have that support and guidance through friends, groups and communities.

The 3d illusions are getting old, the karmic is becoming intollerable, controlling, and just plain annoying to them. This because the masculines are actually doing the work to clear old thought patterns, wounds and karmic debt and as they do this they move away from the material world and find comfort in the smaller less flashy ways of existing. The need to be more authentic with themselves is becoming increasingly difficult while staying with the karmics, as they arent allowing for that growth to happen, they are tying to keep the masculines dependant on them, ( specicifically if thet have any type of health issues) there is a lot of manipulation and fear being put on to the masculines at this time, and so change and growth has been done in the shadows of the night when the karmic is not around. The masculines want the vulnerability, they want to pour out their souls, to talk to the feminines to feel that peace that only the divine feminine can offer, but there are just too many baracades at the moment.

The feminines may be picking up on the masculines energy at this time, via mood swings, bouts of crying, and just being in a weird space of reflection. Feminines you must take the time to tap into these feelings, sit with them, process them as yes they are partly your and his together. The need now to be seen, felt, understoond is beoming ever so higtend with the Cvd situation. Keep grounded, take time to be with your thoughts and feelings, there is messages in those moments, understanding and healing.

I have added a video from my dear friend Divine Symmetry 1-8-4-7 that I feel may resonate with you also and coincideds with the messages here today.

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