Fight the Fear

Good Morning Beautiful SOULS 

I hope you are doing well, considering all thats going on in the world at the moment. 

I was guided to pull a card from the Keepers of The Light oracle deck by Kyle Gray.  Or rather it was made clear I needed to pull from here as the deck itself was sticking half way out of  my bookshelf, I had not taken or moved anything so I knew this was spirit.

The card that came was Kali Ma, which is also very interesting as I have been working with the Kali deck by Alana Fairchild for the last few weeks. It is extremely powerful and accurate. So to receive her message from a completely different deck I knew it was a message I needed to share with all of you beautiful souls. 

 “Facing Fear” was the message on Kali Ma’s card.  I don’t know about you but I know this last  two weeks I have faced some of my deepest fears and am still walking through the journey.  I feel this is message both on a personal level for each of us as well as a collective whole 

(Now I have tried to write this three times on fb and lost it each time and even this blog is acting up, so I know this is truth. ) 

Individually we are being brought to situations, experiences, people and places to help us take back our power, to stand up for our selves, to face fears and break the cycles.  This is happening for us to elevate higher spiritually.  We cannot take those old limiting fears with us.  We need to break free and take back the power that was once given away to those things we feared.  We are being pushed to our brink in certain cases to ignite that fire, that passion,  even that anger to step forward and say enough is enough.  We are being guided to SPEAK our truths, especially if it has been hard for us in the past, it’s uncomfortable as hell but it’s time. 

The energy is intense, the fear is sky rocketing around us due to the lies, corruption, censorship of legitimate sources, a  lack of authentic coverage of what is really going on.   It’s time to question everything, research everything, trust that inner knowing inside of you saying that something isn’t right.

For many of us we are needing to face the fear of standing alone, standing up and going against the grain, that could be our family, our friends, society. Trust your intuition, let go of the fear of sounding crazy, or being ridiculed for your beliefs, the bigger picture is freedom.  It’s autonomy over our bodies, our kids bodies.   Understanding that those making the decisions are doing it only for profit and not for the greater good.  Follow the money. 

I try to keep my posts neutral around everything just because of censorship but we are being asked to stand up now and fight for our freedoms, not just for ourselves but for our brothers and sisters.  It should not matter your stance on the issue, everyone SHOULD have a choice on what they do with their bodies, and their kids bodies.  We are all different and have different needs and face different issues.  What is good for one person is not automatically good for another.   What is happening is unacceptable!

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Know you are not alone in this journey of facing your inner most fears and that of the collective. You are seen, loved and appreciated for your divine soul, you are supported by your soul brothers and sisters, the Angels and Archangels and the ascended masters.

Remember all you need to do reach out and ask for the guidance, strength and support from them, and be open for their assistance.

Many Blessings,

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