Messages from Spirit, Guidance, Readings and more

I was guided to pull some cards to find out what has been going on with the divine masculine, and the energy in general. The first reading will consist of messages for and from the masculine as well as the feminines i feel.

The first deck I pulled cards from was the energy deck.

Card 1- Attachment,- I am guided to look past the words for this card = it is about the colors the imagines, i am sensing the masculine is in a dark place right now- depression, sadness, disconnected from himself and others yet he longs to reach out. The sense of isolation being bound to something that just isn’t feeling right anymore- lots of internal struggles, not wanting to admit “defeat” so to speak, i feel there is a lot of pride many do not want to admit to their true feelings as it scares them, but the mask is coming off, those around them are starting to show their true colors, its time to reap what you have sowed so to speak. A lot of people are starting to be delt their karma and forced to deal with things they have been barring deep within. This energy we are in right now is forcing us all to heal, release and GROW, to take the blinders off and see things, people, places, situations for what they really are, even with this scare tactics with the media, its time to step away from FEAR, trust that all will be taking care of. Those that are meant to be will be, but we have to shed what no longer serves us to make room for what we want- this process is very difficult and can be very painful but it must happen, for only then can the light and love we desire truly come forth. I am feeling drawn to the women’s dress so there is a sense of purity- the longing for innocence once more- that carefree moment in time when all was right in the world, to be surrounded by those that still have that sense of wondering and awe, we are being asked to go back to that – but society, energies are trying to keep us from that- when we were young we were more open to the possibilities, believing in things just to believe in them – we didn’t need to see to believe, kids they trust- they see the world with love-they love with no expectations, we are being asked to go back to that state, to do so we must again clear the baggage we have been carrying from childhood, past lives and through our lineage. 

The second card, -Appreciation- now this card showed up upside down and i am guided to read it as such. I feel this is how the masculines and feminines are feeling at this time. Both are feeling undervalued- both are feeling like those around them do not truly see them or appreciate all they do and have to offer, that they are seen to be just a meal ticket. The feeling of being blocked from doing what they truly want to do that makes them happy , that gives them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Those around them question, make them doubt themselves all away of controlling and stoping what they are meant to be doing. It time for the feminine’s and masculine’s, hell anyone that is feeling like this to really see their own worth- that they make an impact just by being them and those around them that are too afraid to go after what they want are the ones that are trying to stop their growth, their self-discovery and their true purpose in this world. “ Dear ones you do not need others to validate what you know deep in your soul to be true, do not let them stand in your way or take your power from you, you are giving it away unnecessarily, own who you are – take back your power, SPEAK your truth, call on us your angels and guides to help you, all you need to do is ask” 
I feel a lot of chakra balancing is needed at this time,

Card three Is Angel Of Strength – Now this card is from the masculine- to the feminine- he wants you to know he gains so much strength and courage from you- but he has it in him to be that lion as well, right now you are showing him how to bring it forth once more- you holding space, sending love and light really are helping him, even if he isn’t reaching out or showing it, He is learning, he is growing he is overcoming, he looks to you in the shadows to see what your doing, to gain confidence to gain strength and hope – he wants to be that lion once more- life circumstance has beaten it out of him but he is over coming it slowly- keep shining the light for him dear ones, keep sending the light the love, the healing energy- it is making its way -i feel he is sending signs to you- via license plates and songs, etc- He is thinking of the divine feminine but its been a dark place where he is at right now- I am hearing “You are the only one that can truly tame me” so there is a lot going on for him, anger, resentment, confusion, but thoughts of you help to ease him and comfort him in these moments. 
He is needing to take his power pack – his sacral chakra seems out of balance, he’s given and given to the wrong people in his life- he needs to own who he truly is now, embrace his spiritual side and not run from it- that is also where you help him dear feminines as you are embracing your gifts fully, it inspires the masculine to do the same. I am hearing that they wish they could be more like you. 

The last card is the Victory card- I feel that those going through a rough patch right now will come out of this more aligned and balanced then they previously were- more in tune with who they truly are, more aware spiritually and balanced emotionally. A lot of things will start to fall into place once the “snakeskin has been shed” weird analogy i know but that’s what I heard, we are shedding this old and waking up to the new us. Embrace it as it will make the process a lot easiest- do the work you are being guided to do, those that do not make the choices and do the work will have a harder time, with more challenges and bumps i feel – those of us that just sit back, do the healing, releasing, and shedding now will find it more less traumatic,. Learning to be one with who we are and what we want, understanding where we were, why we had to go through what we did, and understanding how much we learned and grew along the way is the true victory i heard. 

The cards I pulled from both the Messages from the divine masculine cards By Awakened twin and twin flame oracle deck by mystic moon validate the messages spoken above. 

There is a lot of regret for hurting the feminines, (those that have had relationships previously with them) Wishing they could go back and change how it all played out- learning to forgive their past mistakes, i feel they don’t understand how the feminines could still love them so much its such a foreign concept to them to be loved and valued and see so clearly- it truly scares them as they haven felt this truly from another. They are learning, they are sending signs to pay attention to them, and this darkness they are going through is needed at this time they are awakening though be it slowly- they are. 

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, 
Before I get on with my day doing the readings I have promised, I was guided to pull some cards from the Talking to heaven Oracle. Four cards came out.

The first- “My Death was painless, please stop worrying and holding onto guilt. i feel this is especially true for those that did not get to say goodbye to their loved ones- they want you to now they are still around watching over you and guiding you, they see your pain and wish they could take it away for you but alas they can not- do not run from the pain, it means you were able to really love, hold on to the good memories, the joy, and release any negative emotions associated with their passing- “i hear put it on the wings of the bird and it will soar to me” Also they send you signs – they are around it’s your job to pay attention to them, they could be as simple as a bird crossing your path, landing on your car – or anywhere that it catches your attention, a random feather that appears, i feel a lot of people get their signs and messages through songs associated with their loved ones, I know i DO. This is truly them – and when you get the goosebumps while this happens they are right there with you at that moment. 

The second card just validated that it was, in fact, their time to go, and they are very sorry for the pain and suffering of those left behind, those that are left with the pain of witnessing their death, feeling responsible in some way, know they do not want you to carry such a toll, such a burden. It was not on you for their passing it truly was not.  
The third card is also the validation of that as it says “I am sorry please forgive me” I am getting they want you to truly embrace life once more- its precious and time goes by too quickly- all those things you are afraid to do- go do them, love, beloved, let those guards down because its truly what we are meant to do. Please do not hold your hold yourself back from being happy, that it is what i want for you, dear ones. 

The fourth card, ” As a soul, I can be at several places at once. I feel for some, their loved ones have partially reincarnated into our children and grandchildren, yet we are able to still receive messages from them because they are still all around us. This card to validate the many forms they can connect with us in. 
I know with my children are part of my dad and my grandmother, My son would tell me why are you wearing my necklace ( which was my dads when he was alive)

I am holding you all in my heart sending light and love and comfort.
Many blessings to you all.

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