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This is why I do what I do, its such an honor and a privillage to be able to help and guide people on their journey. Their feedback is so heartfelt and touching and truly means the world to me.

Nancy, from AngelBlessings, is truly an Earth Angel! She is genuine, caring, and compassionate, and offers special gifts with her reiki and intuitive talents. I felt so much brighter, lighter and in alignment with my purpose after I left our first session! She helped release some fears I had been holding onto, and made me excited for what awaits this year. She is a heart-centered awakened individual and this world is much better off for having her here. I look forward to more session. -Sacha D.

This week I had an intuitive card reading and spiritual counselling session with Nancy (as separate services), and WOW.Her reading was incredibly accurate and detailed. It was in alignment with who I am, where I’m at and what I need to work on. The material helped guide me through some important decisions in the subsequent days (following the reading).Two things that stood out for me were her humility and sincerity, to the point where the distinction between the healer and client dissolved during our one-on-one session. It felt more like two medicine people sharing their journeys and wisdom, contributing to mutual growth. She’s also very heart centered and in-tune with her inner guidance.That was the most at peace I’ve EVER felt with an energy worker/healer. As an empath (with clairs) I had zero hesitation or discomfort, and could be my full authentic self (so important when you need to dive deeply into spirit and your gifts). I was literally as excited as a 7 year old opening Christmas presents, which is diving into the essence of what we truly are as souls on this physical plane. I’m super grateful to have found Nancy, and I HIGHLY recommend her services. — JR

“I came across Angel Blessings and thought I was too late for a contest to win a reading. Turns out I was able to enter still and won a reading. This reading was right on point with my life and also provided much needed comfort about a few issues I had been having. One thing that was mentioned was that I would be combining a few of my gifts and talents in my career and personal life. It just so happens that I am working on some things for myself to take my career in a new direction, a true reflection of who I am. I had also been having issues with a visit that is happening this summer and running into someone that had been very mean to me in the past. It was confirmed that I need to let it go and forgive. I can honestly say that today is going to be the day that I move forward and leave what happened in the past in the past where it belongs and move forward with my life. Thank you so much for the wonderful reading I appreciate it more than you know.” GW       

What an amazing and insightful reading! You were able to pick up on issues within my life with a single card reading that had happened just that morning as well as the personal journey I have been on! Your messages and guidance were as accurate as if we’d been friends for many years. I appreciate your gifts and so very highly recommend others contact you for guidance, love and peace”. Much love K.                                                                                                            

“I am still speechless with the amazing reading I had. Everything made so much more sense. Looking forward to more amazing readings @angel blessing and wandering psyche. Thank you”♥️😇👼

Wow I’m so amazed with the reading I received. It was spot on in three areas of my life, she didn’t miss at all. I am so glad I rached out as it has gave me truth and clearing of the mind and soul. I have a more of an understanding to what I need to do. I would recommend anyone to get a reading and thank you so much Nancy, blessings to you xo

I had a reading done by Nancy recently and it resonated with me in so many ways. I could not believe the accuracy of what was read to me. She was guided to pull from 2 different decks for me and both subjects were exactly what is happening in my life. it was UNREAL!

i HIGHLY recommend Nancy. Every reading makes me feel so connected to the other side as well as validates the feelings I have and may not be accepting yet.

Thank you so much❤️

   “I was honored to receive a reading from Angel Blessing   The cards that were pulled for me totally gave me insight on what was going on in my life at that specific moment.  It clarified things in my life that I was uncertain about, and I was told about certain things that were happening to me.  I felt ‘lighter’ after this reading, and helped me focus on things that I need to do to follow my spiritual journey”. With Gratitude ❤

“Wonderful reading very informative. Lots of details within her explanations of the cards. I was very impressed and recommend a reading to anyone ” 

“Just had a reading done by Angel Blessing. Nancy was amazing!! Her messages and guidance were accurate. After my reading a started feeling so much better about myself. Nancy is very gifted, I highly recommend others to contact her for a reading. She is loving, caring and it shines through in her reading”. FL. xo

Totally on point with everything im going through right now. Not gonna lie I was skeptical about doing it at first but im so glad I did! The reading gave me so much hope and confirmed what I have been feeling! 100% right im over the moon right now cause I finally got answers!!!! Thank u to the moon and back!

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