Tarot Card Tuesday

Hello Beautiful Souls, I hope your week is off to a great start

I am here to share something new with you, or rather new to me. I am going to be doing Tarot Tuesday on both my social media platforms and website. Over on social media you will receive a card form a different deck each week, and on the blog here you will have a few additional cards with a bit more of an in-depth read.

I work with the tarot in a more intuitive manner. I am familiar with the suits but usually I am just guided to read or relate the information that I am channelling from source to the card itself .

Today’s card come from the Witches tarot deck, by Ellen Dugan.

The card I pulled today was the Knight of Swords. We are being called to stand in our strength, to lead the way for our communities. To heal and break free from the deception that has been surrounding us for the last year, and for all of our lives really.

This is a time where we must cut through the illusion of what’s being told to us and go deep within and connect to our higher self, source and our spirit team as they shed the light of what’s really going on.

Listen to that gut feeling that something is not as it should be. It’s our time now to bring light, love, strength, truth and healing to the world around us. You, my beautiful souls are leaders. It is time to take the reins and move forward fearlessly.

It’s easier said than done, as there are so many obstacles, but together with the legions of angels, our spirit teams and one another we can do it.

This is also about cutting through the mental clutter of self doubt, We are being asked to make swift choices in our life, it’s not going to be easy but it needs to happen. I feel for so many of us this cards is also about breaking away from what resonates and brings us joy.

Breaking aways from society and contractual obligations, no longer worrying if you will be like or accepted. It’s about being at the hight of your own authenticity. This happens when you honour yourself, your wants, desires, needs, and this is done but speaking up, taking action, making choices to move on or stay put in a relationship or situation.

Know you have the power to create the life you truly want and deserve. Stop playing small for the sake of others and embrace your gifts, strengths and inner wisdom. Trust in the guidance that you are receiving from your team, and your angels. They want to help you get to where you truly want to be.

What tarot deck would you like me to try out in the future? Any of the following are an option, The Psychic tarot, The Psychic Tarot for the heart , Dreams of Gia Tarot, Tarot of Sexual Magic, Archangel Power tarot, Good Tarot etc.

Please leave a comment below. I will even do a one card pull for each person that leaves a comment. This is valid until the next post.

To book a reading with me you can email me at angelblessings.11.22@gmail.com

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Many Blessings

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