Double dose of Daily Messages

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am popping in because I felt guided to share a couple of the daily pulls I have done over on Facebook and Instagram. The first card and most recent is the card form the Keepers of the Light oracle deck by Kyle Gray

The card today is Mercury : “Open Communication”

This is the time for us to be honest and free with our words, no more holding back what we need to say to keep the peace. You have a lot to get off your chest dear ones and we are being guided to do this now, to embrace our healing in an authentic manner and that starts by honest and open communication with those around you.

So many of us have issues with our throat chakra, with being heard and appreciated for what we have to say. I hear you beautiful souls, your divine team hears you, the universe hears you. Let it out, scream into a pillow if you need to before communicating your needs, wants and desires. I say that because a lot of us have anger stored up from years and years of being silenced. This is stemming from childhood. So many have been told at a young age, “kids should be seen and not heard” or what do you know, and so many other hurtful phrases that make one clam up and choke down their own words. Mercury is guiding us now to own our truth, and speak it loud and proud.

You beautiful souls have a lot of wonderful wisdom, and ideas to share with the world. GO out and share them. This is also about speaking what you are seeing and sensing, trusting your many forms of communication with spirit as well. Know you are truly safe and protected in speaking your truth now. Trust in yourself and the guidance you are also receiving on your own. Many blessings Beautiful Souls, I will also be doing a live later on this afternoon so stay tuned.

The second message I have added here was from March 1 2021 but I feel that this message is still very much relevant for a lot of us at this time.

I was guided to share a card from the Psychic Tarot by John Holland.

The card that came today was Obstacles and Challenges, this card can seem a little bit negative and frustrating but it’s a reminder that with every challenge we face, we are learning something about ourselves. It’s how we handle these said challenges, do we get discouraged, start to go down the rabbit hole of negativity or do we use these challenges and set backs to motivate us to keep going.

Know that any little challenge or obstacle is there for a reason. Maybe we are not supposed to go down a certain path at this time, or maybe we have to find a new way of doing what we wanted to do. It’s all about perspective.

Sometimes challenges are just a chance for you to stop, take a break, go inwards and really sit with what the challenges are. Your spirit team is there to assist you and will help you to move forward for your highest and greatest good, so take the time to connect and listen for the guidance.

Know truly that you are protected through it all. I feel for some that it may feel like it’s just one challenge or obstacle after another, without any break in sight. Know that these are ways of getting your attention to do any healing necessary to clear this from your experience. Look at what areas in your life are coming up for you. Sit with this, journal and ask your guides what it is you’re needing to learn, heal or release at this time. Know you deserve all the success and abundance you desire, but you yourself must believe that you deserve it. Feel it, see it, allow it and embrace it.

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